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The First Jet Pilot
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My brother has followed in our father's footsteps not only as a pilot, but also in the technical sphere with his fine-engineering firm He has the licence to fly the Piper PA28, the Diamond DA40, as well as the Piper Arrow, and he loves to fly aerobatics with a Pilatus PC-7. Have a look at some videos flying over the Swiss Alps >>

I'm not really technical oriented. I'm more the creative one of us. I was a musician and played as bass player in well known Swiss bands as Gypsy, Dixie Dynamite and Forsale, studied at the Bass Institute of Technology in Los Angeles and collaborated with the famous Swiss band GOTTHARD. Some VIDEOS >>

I'm not a pilot, but when I fly with my brother, he always lets my fly while in the air, of course no take-off and landing, I do this only with the Flight Simulator as Prepar3D and X-Plane 11. I'll post some videos as well :-)

My creative spirit led me to write the book about my father as well as create this web page.

Best wishes and a safe landing,

Lutz Warsitz

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